We offer our "truck" manifolds built out of  Secd 40 (3/16" thick!) steel pipe with 1/2" header flanges in both T4 ($500) and T6 ($550)  They are VERY beefy! They also include both half's of the 2.5" v-band and clamp for the inlet at the rear of the manifold.  They come painted black with VHT Flame Proof 2000* paint.

We also offer "car style" and a S10 manifold that are lowered about and inch and fit many cars setups such as G-body's and many others.

We offer just the hot pipes in both Basic T4 with 3" down pipe ($1450) and Big T4/T6 with 4" down pipe ($1550)

Hot Pipes


Turbo Kits

Email kbracing96@gmail.com for quote or to place an order.

These kits are designed to be be just the basic of getting your vehicle turbocharged and do not include many things you will need for complete the install.  You will still need things like a complete fuel system, tuning, heat wrapping materials, a turbo blanket is recommended, final exhaust connections to your cat back as well an air filter and some misc hardware and hoses.

Turbo kits are built to order so please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

All kits are intended for off road use only.  

We offer full turbo kits for the 99-13 GM 1500 pickup trucks, as well as 67-72 Chevy C10 pickups (NEW!!).  They may also fit other applications with only minor alterations.  They  are custom tailored to fit you horse power needs from everything from a 450 daily driver to a 1000 horsepower beasts!  Prices start at

$3200 for intercooled Borg Warner S366mm (up to 550hp),

$3600 for intercooled Borg Warner billet S369 (up to 650hp),

$4000 for Intercooled Borg Warner S475, T4 or T6 (up to 800hp)

$4400 for Intercooled Borg Warner S480, T4 or T6 (950hp+). 

Kits include,

Turbo,  (Available without turbo as well)

Hot Pipes, crossover, manifold and downpipe

JGS 40mm or 50mm Wastegates,

3"x11"x27" CX Racing Intercooler that fits between frame rails without cutting,

Cold pipes, intercooler tubing, couplers and clamps,

RPS 50mm Blow off Valve,

60" Oil Line Kit

We like to feature AMERICAN MADE Borg Warner turbos as they will out flow most of their competitors larger turbos do to their larger housings and turbine wheels and last for a very long time as they are designed to be OEM quality turbos.

Upgrades available are CX Racing 4"x12"x31" intercooler for over 700HP, $200 additional. (Requires frame modification to fit)  Other turbo's are available as well.  We will build to spec, Just let us now what you would like and we'll build it!